Space themed Birthday card: Multiple MFT Stamps!

by - September 15, 2020

Hi folks! 

I am back again to share a super special card! My very first entry into MFT Card Design contest. I started cardmaking less than 9 months ago and I have been waiting for this ever since. This is one of the largest cards I ever made (folded an A4 paper in half) and took me over two days to finish! I use three different coloring mediums - colored pencils, watercolors and alcohol ink markers and multiple MFT stamps and some hand-drawn elements that bring the piece together. 

Some backstory: This is a tribute to all the mothers out there that throw amazing themed birthday parties! In this card, the mama elephant is doing one for her child and its space-themed! 

This is how I put this together:
  • I used three stamp sets: MFT Space Explorers, MFT Double the Fun and MFT Happy Hippos
  • I first stamped the sentiment and hand drew the 'water burst' and the red planet.
  • I then watercolored the space backdrop and painted a hand-drawn earth 

  • I wanted to create some animal astronauts and the MFT Double the Fun and MFT Happy Hippos set was perfect for that! I drew a circle around each animal and added a band at their neck to make it look like a helmet! It's that simple. I also used a bunch of elements from space explorers and fuzzy cut all of them! This took me HOURS! I also modified the Happy Hippos set so that the hippo is actually holding a balloon of stars. This is how it looks after 1.5 days of work as I spent extensive time on details such as the helmet, planet closeups etc. 

This is the final piece of work: 

Submitting to:

Fingers crossed! 
- Kavya

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  1. absolutely fantastic card! good luck :)

  2. Love this! I know I commented on IG but wanted to check out the process. Wow, bless you for the patience needed for this!